Shell Contractor

There are many facets that go into building any structure from the ground up. Leola Construction understands the importance of these details to ensure a high quality product.

  • Planning

    During this stage, we make sure we understand the construction documents and identify any areas that may be potential challenges. We use this time to ensure we are on the same page as our customer.

  • Communication

    It is imperative to set the right expectations from the beginning. Every construction project has a budget and a schedule. Making sure that all parties involved are in agreement is essential in our relationship with the customer. As a shell contractor, we have to be able to communicate effectively with engineers, architects, owners, and most importantly our customer. This is where Leola Construction brings an incredible amount of value to our customers.

  • Reaction

    The construction industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. There will always be challenges such as: Florida weather, material issues, and time constraints, just to name a few. We understand the construction industry and are able to react quickly, and professionally, when a wrench is thrown into the machine. Leola Construction is truly a trade partner. We will help guide you through any, and every, twist and turn.

  • Safety

    A construction site can be dangerous if the workers are not properly trained. Leola Construction is fully aware of, and trained on, the OSHA requirements for safety. The well-being of our workers, and everyone that enters our construction site, is our top priority

  • Delivering a quality product

    Leola Construction delivers a high quality product, on time and within the budget. At the end of the day, this is what our customers truly desire. Our focus is that the work is done right, on time, and that our customer’s goals have been met.

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