Paints and Sealants

Paint and sealants are the first line of defense from water intrusion. The importance of using the right material for each specific situation is immeasurable. Leola, our subcontractors, our suppliers, and the manufacturer’s reps are all experts in sealants, coatings, and their installation. We regularly have our sealants and paint tested by the Manufacturer’s rep, to insure compliance with their specifications. Making sure we use the proper products, and install them to the manufacturers’ specifications, is our mission.

Paint is one part of the system used to properly seal a building. The system must be applied in the proper sequence, while following the manufactures recommendations.

Listed below is a common sequence we use.

  • Proper Preparation of Surfaces

    Surfaces must be clean and free of any loose debris before applying the paint. Before paint is applied, it is necessary to test the PH level of the stucco.

  • Sealants

    Sealants are installed at all windows, doors, penetrations and locations that have a high failure rate (areas that are easy for water to seep into). A high grade sealant should be used in these locations to prevent water intrusion. Sealant selection is based on the application for which it is intended.

  • Primers/Conditioners

    Depending on the specifications, different construction substrates may require a prime coat, or a conditioner, before the topcoat is applied. This will ensure the proper bonding of the paint to the substrate. When applying this coating, millage shall be tested with gauges. This insures the proper wet millage (or thickness) is being applied per the manufacturer’s specification.

  • Topcoat

    Paint manufacturers have created different lines of exterior topcoats, for a variety of situations, in the state of Florida. The manufacturer will guarantee the performance of its paint as long as it is installed per their specifications.

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